Rating: 4
All setting max. My PC Amd athlon 5600+ RAM 2gb Geforce 9800gt PLS SUB Zombie Master is a Half Life 2 mod that basically turns the game itself into an RTS (top down view) for one player who becomes the Zombie Master, he has to balance resources and kill the player by spawning hordes of zombies while everyone else is a survivor who’s only goal is to find weapons, complete a LONG series of goals, and survive to escape. The zombie master can only spawn zombies in certain spots, so the players have to use the environment and physics engine to build traps and barricades. saboteur game open world gta grand theft auto nazi shooter pandemic electronic artsTAGS : 8800 8800gt 8800gtx 9800 9800gt 9800gtx gtx260 gtx250 gtx280 hd3650 3650 ati asus amd nvidia geforce nforce hd4670 4670 hd4650 4650 hd4850 4850 hd4870 4870 hd4890 4890 phwno x3 x4 9500 ii 2 intel core 2 duo core 2 quad quad core intel pentium 4 IV 8600gt 8600gts 8600gtx 8400 8400gt 8400gts 8400gtx 9400gt 9500gt 9600gt 9400 9500 9500 9600 9800 2ghz 3ghz 6mb l2 cache hd3400 3400 hd3450 3450 3850 hd3850 hd3870 3870 5200+ 6000+ 5200 6000 e5200 e7200 e7300 e8200 e8400 e8300 e8500 e8600

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