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This is “Cool Len(=Love) Song” cleaned up ver by Cuccogirl. (This is reprint. I only add translation to video) [ Original title in NICO VID ] 【鏡音レン】イケ恋歌 -Fullver.-【手書きPV】 ([Len Kagamine] Cool Len(=Love) Song[Handwritten PV]) [Original vid URL] www.nicovideo.jp [Creator] Music by superglober2000 Lyric by DARARI PV by loop Vocal by Vocaloid “Len Kagamine” [Who’s Len(the girl in vid)?] jp.youtube.com [How to get mp3 and Japanese lyric readable in Eng(Romaji)] www.eonet.ne.jp www.eonet.ne.jp —————————————- Len’s “Cool Len(=Love) Song” Lyric —————————————- Singing is the sales point but In shadows secretly though I’m giving my effort Yet there’s more and more better singers above Surely I will draw them away soon So…. Watch me through as I do it… If you cheat… I would hate it, please don’t cheat… Don’t look aside I’m gonna LLL Len you out! Yes With my voice I will charm you…. Can I do that? EEE Everyday you listen to me right? I could do better…. right? I thought so! I am not genial though It really does not mean I hate you It is yet far from love though I am just not getting into the feeling So… Make me serious about love Being just two of us.. by now… I feel OK, so Feeling of aaa affection? I do not know for sure…. those things LLL “Love is just a trick of the imagination” Didn’t someone say that, right? Isn’t that right? -RAP PART- Actually my-heart-is-pounding badly Your words make me

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