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Don’t count on a lockbox or gun safe to keep your child safe. That system fails to establish the real foundation of safe gun handling for your child: TRAINING. A responsible parent or guardian who has made the wise decision to increase their personal safety and self-reliance by inclusion of a gun in the domicile, has the responsibility to teach everyone under that roof about its existence and safe operation. Failure to do so and an over reliance on Protectionist-advocated and mandated “lockup” solutions could endanger your child. The lock-up “solution” can be thwarted by your child, you can forget to close it, and it only covers one location: your home. More damaging is that you are leaving your child in a state of ignorance. And by just locking up the gun (or hiding it), you have created a TABOO that the child will investigate when you are gone. De-fuse that problem head on by committing to a lifetime of fun but purposeful firearms training. And this training can and should begin when they are young. It establishes a mindset of responsibility that can transfer to other “dangerous things.” It does take commitment and work (as do all good things) but the rewards are great. I set forth several the Nutnfancy TENETS OF TRAINING for your consideration in this process: downfalls of following conventional wisdom and political correctness, the guiding force of your VALUE system, how competence and confidence should be your training goals, how your parenting style will affect the

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