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FULL VERSION at www.igodmind.com HEADPHONES REQUIRED! “Together” is a manifestation movie designed to help focus your mind on having loving, up building, peaceful relationships. Whatever you focus your mind on, you attract into your life. Use this movie as a manifestation tool to put your focus on having the kind of relationship you desire. The binaural beats used in the soundtrack are calibrated to 6.15 htz, which has been shown to be the frequency of brainwaves associated with feelings of love, warmth, and closeness. There are hundreds of positive affirmations blasted into your subconscious at a fraction of a second each. Some of the affirmations in this movie include: * your relationship is filled with love, passion, understanding and fun * you deserve to be loved fully and completely * you are in a loving and passionate relationship * you are love, loved and loving * you are an attractive, happy person * you allow love to find you …and hundreds of other relationship based positive affirmations. As you watch these Manifestation Movies, it’s very important to be aware of changes you start to experience in your life and document them. The more you notice, the more you will manifest what you desire.

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